Monday, December 22, 2008

Just so we're clear: He's a Hypocrite

I think it's time to shut the doors and close the curtains on Stephen Harper's career. It's obvious now that he already has. We've watched him throw away his integrity, bit by bit, for a couple of years now.

He promised us open government and he gagged all of his cabinet ministers.

He promised us more free votes and more democracy but meanwhile he was the first to shut down communication with the duly elected Palestinian government because he didn't like who won their election.

He promised a balanced budget and instead squandered the surplus left to him even before the economic insanity set in.

He promised to work on "Arctic sovereignty" but has only repeatedly announced the construction of the same ships that he doesn't actually have the budget to build.

He promised us transparency in government but his officials and ministers have stormed out of the every meeting regarding their electoral chicanery. They have in fact gone so far in to opaque that they are suing an Elections Canada official just so they can insist that he not speak to a Parliamentary Committee.

And now the grand finale.

After all those years of bashing the House of Commons for their "entitlements" such as pensions and benefits. After all those years of bashing the Senate for its elitist, unelected position of privilege; for its laziness and failure to be democratic, we find ourselves here.

As if to finally bury the notion that there was anything, ever that was "reforming" about the "Reform Party" or the Conservative Alliance it became; as if to forever declare to the country that this new party is just another big business party made up of the actual wealthy elites; as if to burn and etch in char forever the word "Hypocrite" over his legacy, he and his party have appointed 18 people to the Senate.

No more talk of the "elected Senate". No more railing at the supposedly elitist liberals who are therein housed.


Just a hypocrite. A pathetic hypocrite on his way the hell out. A man who, we now realize, really did just lose an election because all of the people who didn't vote for him actually did vote against him. He's a loser, and we know, and now we know that he knows it, because otherwise he wouldn't be throwing away the last fraction of a percent of his integrity like this.

You're done, Stephen. There's a plush VP's job waiting for you somewhere. Some type of job where you don't do any work but they give you tonnes of cash and stock options in gratitude for your service to the wealthy of our nation.

Go home, already. Everything from here on in is just disgraceful.

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