Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We gave them everything they wanted

With a hat tip to Red Tory.

We've seen this repeated over and over again in the mainstream press. The argument voiced by the right wing is that the Palestinians were offered their own state with a one-for-one land swap for certain Israeli only settlements already built on the Palestinian land.

The reality is that "Palestine" in these situations would be carved up by the settlements and the roads connecting them which Israel could close to Palestinians any time it wanted based on "Security" reasons. Palestine would not have been a nation but a series of land locked Bantustans.

For once, just once, in the mainstream media, someone recognizably famous and credible decided to tell off one of these right wing idiots and explain to him that the Palestinians were not offered "everything they could want" and furthermore did not "walk away from the table".

I'm not a big fan of the guy doing the telling off, mind you. He was the one who once told us, about a decade ago, that "we" would have to fight a land war in Asia in order to seize there. But still, it's nice to hear someone call someone ignorant for suggesting "Arafat was offered everything and walked away."

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