Thursday, January 21, 2010

Canada’s Third World Health Care System

So a UFC star, diagnosed with a hole in his stomach (well, not quite, look up diverticulosis if you care), feels that Canada is a third world country because “They couldn’t do nothing for me”.

“It was like I was in a third world country.”

Apparently, the Canadian hospital he visited - when the symptoms he had been ignoring for some time finally got out of control – was unable to satisfy him in some way. It’s not quite clear from the article, but it sounds like the unidentified hospital in an unidentified province was able to update his diagnosis from “flu” to “mono” to “diverticulosis”.

I’m not sure though. He then claims that he had his wife drive him some 200 plus kilometres to an American hospital where they instantly made the correct diagnosis.

If I may be so bold, I might suggest that Canadian hospitals could be much more prompt if we discouraged and rejected about 12 million people from our health care system. We just don’t roll that way.

Moving on.

He says that, “… that doctor there saved my career and saved my life.”

So he visited MedCenter One in North Dakota and later went to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Both of those doctors recommended surgery. But Brock didn’t want the surgery. Brock didn’t have the surgery. And Brock is now fine.

Get it? Brock is very thankful for the wonderful, amazing medical system that recommended unnecessary surgery. He doesn’t trust the third world Canadian medical system that may (or may not have?) made the correct diagnosis, but he trusts his first world medical system that wanted to do extra surgery to keep the cash rolling in.

Double standard much, Brock?

“I'm not bashing the Canadian health care”, he waffles, after bashing the Canadian health care system as “third world”. Also, “I'm not going to disclose anything”, he hedges in classic Fox News style, after making accusations that can’t be disputed by the system he’s bashing because – despite it all – we still respect him as a patient and therefore respect his confidentiality.

But maybe I shouldn’t take him so seriously: “He said he revamped his diet, prayed a lot and used some ‘natural healing medicine.’ “

Yes. Keep praying. That’s about in line with the level of logic displayed throughout this entire article.

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