Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He said what?

"Canada condemns Israeli settlement expansion"

Did we really say that? Did a Conservative really condemn Israel for anything? I didn't think that was possible. The last time anything like it happened, it was very accidental. Peter McKay said that Canada would continue to work with whatever government the Palestinians elected. Because, you know, that's democracy for you. Peter McKay was swiftly corrected and reminded of the Harper government's staunch pro-Israel stance.

But then, did "Canada", in the person of Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, really "condemn" Israel?


The article quotes the words “regret” and “concern”, but I don't see any language that would actually bend me to think that "condemnation" was the order of the day.

Still, why would the Tories do this? Makes me wonder.

Ah, wait.
The Obama administration immediately criticized the settlements in the toughest language possible — it issued its condemnation on the plan, in contrast to the softer language in Cannon's statement last week.

Ah. America Lite it is, then, huh? At least the Conservatives are consistent.

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