Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh, Dear Hudak.

It should have been easy to run McGuinty out of town. Why, he raised taxes! Horrors! There's unemployment and everyone blames unemployment on the current government. Gas prices are high. That green energy thing seems like such a rip off.

And still, Timmy-boy, you screwed it up. You screwed it up horribly.


Look at that. See that last peak for the PCs at around 42%? That was the day before Tim started opening his mouth and making word-noises.

His first ridiculous speechification was his demand to an end to the Hydro debt repayment charge on account of the fact that Ontarians had already made enough payments to cover the principal. Do we understand how stupid that makes him? Not only is he neglecting the fact that we haven't paid off the interest, he's also ignoring the part where Ernie Eves added to that debt in order "freeze Hydro rates".

Tim's latest Homer Simpson moment was his declaration that he would cut red tape in the government by 30%. In spite of everyone asking him to clarify - or at least give examples - of red tape, he really thought he'd picked a winner with this one. He doubled down today by stating that "We need to drain the red-tape swamp".

A swamp of red tape? The only quote that I can think of that comes anywhere near that is this one:

"Immigrants are the glue that holds together the gears of our country" - Homer Simpson.

Try picturing that: the draining of a swamp of red tape. The tape just gets stuck in the drain, doesn't it? Everything else goes down the drain ... but not the tape. It just clogs up the drain a bit a time, making things worse. Draining, it turns out, just isn't the thing to do with tape.

Now you might think that a guy who doesn't understand interest and can't work a metaphor for the life of him must be some kind of high school dropout, right? Nope. Tim Hudak is a child of two teachers and has two degrees in Economics. Unfortunately, none of that prevents him from being an idiot and Ontarians are starting to realize that.

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