Saturday, October 16, 2010

Officer Bubbles vs. YouTube

Constable Adam Josephs: Officer "Bubbles".

Among all the evil that happened during the G20 protests and the ridiculous police crackdown - among all the illegal arrests, harassment, beatings and everything else - the thing we will most remember will be Constable Adam Josephs threatening to arrest a girl for blowing bubbles.

"If one of those bubbles lands on me, that's assault."


And so the Internet community at large decided that Bubbles deserved mockery. They created animations featuring Adam Josephs arresting Santa Claus, a doctor, President Obama and others.

And the poor Constable, representative of a police force that let the Black Bloc wander around Toronto trashing the city so it could have an excuse to violently crack down on peaceful demonstrators, is charging defamation.

Up yours, buddy.

You've got the batons. You've got the guns. You've got the Tasers.

Apparently, the bunch of you even have the authority to intimidate, harass, beat and arrest people with complete impunity. You've got judges that set bail conditions like "no political expression" on people like Alex Hundert.

But us?

We've got Youtube.

And if you want to beat and harass people expressing their opinions?

We're going to ruin your lives and every memory anyone ever has of you.

Suck it up, Bubbles. It's a new world.

h/t to Rev. PaperBoy at Galloping Beaver

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