Sunday, August 08, 2010

Transport Canada = Medieval Theologians

Canada has an addiction to rule making. Thus spake Joseph Brean, National Post libertarian dude.

That's right. Our penchant for making rules to prevent future disasters based on statistics about past disasters? That's basically the nanny state.

Aren't we crazy.

I can't imagine what Brean would have to say about Transport Canada. Bunch of stuck up, pretentious nerds pouring over every airline crash to determine the cause and try to prevent future crashes.

Assholes, those guys.
"We cannot just accept that this was a death. We've got to give that death meaning, and the way to give it meaning is to pass a law."

So the right idea is what? Shrug our shoulder and say, "shit happens"? Brilliant.
He called it a throwback to medieval times, a belief that nothing happens without somebody causing it, that every natural phenomenon has a moral aspect. Modern safety regulations, like witchcraft or divine retribution, are based on a faulty premise about who is responsible for stuff happening, and what can be done about it. Like religion, they are an effort to bring meaning to a cruel and random universe.

Right. We're the religious ones for trying to find rational causes for everything.

And you, Mr. Brean, are the rational one for just saying, "shit happens" and hoping it doesn't happen again.

To be perfectly honest, his opinion sounds the most medieval: hey man, sometimes god just does you in. It's not your place to ask why.

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