Thursday, May 22, 2008

Frasier Institute on Muslim Integration

I have to thank all those conservative bloggers I read for directing my attention to what must be the craziest Frasier Institute Study I've ever read.

"It would be prudent, from a security point of view, for Canada to review its immigration policy in relation to the admission of immigrants from Muslim countries that are known to produce terrorists," the book says.

I wonder what countries he means? Saudi Arabia, from which came the most 9/11 hijackers? Or Pakistan, where Al Qaeda Number One is hiding with his kidney dialysis machines? Both are allies in the war on terror, though, so they're probably okay.

Maybe someone should let the Frasier Institute know that Canada has never actually been attacked by any Islamic terrorists. They probably already know that. Otherwise they wouldn't have mentioned our immigration policy as a "threat to North American security."

That sounds suspiciously reminiscent of "North American Energy Security". Canada has energy security, so what are we really talking about?

"We should be more careful about accepting people who are not going to be happy living in a secular society, with a separation of church and state," Bissett said.

Really? And what do you plan to do about the people already here who don't like living in a secular society? You know, the ones who cite bible passages to try to illegalize abortion and gay marriage? The ones who think Parliament should open with religious incantations?

Fortunately, I feel pretty safe from them because we have a Charter of Rights in this country that guarantees that I have the right to not-believe their nonsense, not-pray their prayers and not-go to their churches. Consequently I also feel safe from Muslim immigrants. Much ado about nothing.

Immigrants need to be happy in a society "where men and women are treated equally, and gay marriage is permitted," he said.

Men and women are treated equally, huh? I suppose that's a good theory, unless you look at salaries, or promotions, or Parliament, or the Cabinet, or ... And gay marriage? A prerequisite for immigration is approval of gay marriage? That puts a sizable chunk of Canada as ineligible for citizenship.

The only thing that immigrants need to respect is that we have a Charter of Rights which tells us that everyone has the right to their beliefs and that no one may infringe on the rights and beliefs of others.

Personally I see the anti-Muslim bias the way I see the anti-Chinese bias - it's simply fear of new people showing up in our country who speak with new accents and have different religious rituals. Given a generation of watching our television and being immersed in our schools, their children will find them quirky. A generation after that the grandchildren will be culturally indistinguishable from that nation to which we have all contributed.

Much ado nothing and the Frasier Institute is merely pandering to its right wing audience.

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