Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama's 57 states

If you've ever wondered about the utter vacuousness of the right wing in the United States, at their utter inability to put together a platform, just search for "Obama 57" on youtube.

For example.

Yes, believe it or not, Senator Obama made a joke about the insanity of his travel itinerary and said that he had traveled to "57 states". You could hear his audience laugh. That's because it was a joke of weary exhaustion.

But look at the comments. It's as if these people have never even heard of sarcasm. Obama thinks there are 57 states! OMG! Let's get on the interwebs and internet to everyone about it!


Here's a clip regarding the "57 state gaffe" from Fox News. [Don't you learn that in] "3rd grade, 4th grade?", the anchorwoman asks.

I suppose that you learn the number of states in third or fourth grade. But when do they teach you about sarcasm as a literary and rhetorical device? Maybe not until high school.

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