Thursday, July 10, 2008

Child Soldiers can be tortured

If you capture a child, you're allowed to torture him.
You're allowed to lock him up.
You're allowed to deny him civil rights.
You're allowed to deny him his day in court, his lawyer, his due process.
You can try him with secret evidence.
You can lock him away with hardened criminals.

And the secret trick to doing all this is to hold him there for several years, long enough so he becomes an adult and you can call him "Mr. Khadr" and say he's a big, scary, dangerous, Islamic man.

You can also deny, against all reasonable evidence, logic and knowledge, that he's being mistreated in any way.

At least, if you're Stephen Harper you can do it.

The rest of us would choke on our bile just trying to get the words out.

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