Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Real Crime Wave

I remember receiving my first constituent report from the Hon. Minister of Defence Gordon O'Connor. There was a whole bunch of scare mongering and other nonsense about crime without any mention of the fact that crime rates were going down. Bereft of real platform issues beyond letting rich people get richer and having a bigger military with which to play, they were forced to invent problems. At the end of the newsletter was a questionnaire: Are you afraid of crime? Do you want your government to take action on crime? etc. etc.

I said, "No. I'm not afraid of crime. The crime rate is going down. Now stop with the fear mongering and find something real to do with your time."

But I think I was wrong. Crime and crime rates are going up. The following graphs demonstrate this very well.

As you can see here, and according to this report from CTV Toronto, there's a recent increase in the number of people not paying for their gasoline. I've always been told to worry about immigrant youths, but I guess it's the wealthy people with large vehicles who are the problem.

Then we have this problem, where the Government of Canada was illegally ordering prisoners detained by Canadian soldiers to be handed over to a regime in Afghanistan that is well known for its use of torture. This is a pretty serious crime wave and we really ought to start getting tough with the people ordering these crimes. No use going after the soldiers. I'm sure my MP, Gordon O'Connor, being so concerned about crime, will want to find the guy who gave the orders and lied about how well monitored the prisoners were. That guy should probably go to jail. (Of course, I had to make up all of the numbers in this graph as Al Qaeda could break in to your kitchen and steal all of your cookies if they knew how many people Canada had detained. All we know is that about 200 of them escaped a few weeks ago.)

Then there's this problem. There's been a 100% rise in the number of Canadian juveniles (child soldiers) captured by foreign powers and tortured by them. Worse, Canada is complicit in this as our government has not protested this mistreatment. This is out of control. Someone has to step in with some mandatory minimum sentencing for whomever is failing to protest this horror.

And lastly, because a reader thankfully mentioned it, I should bring this up. While Taser related deaths did decrease temporarily in 2006, we can see that they're on the rise again in Canada. While not technically, legally speaking a crime, these are still very worrying.

Well, it's all there in black and white (and blue). The Conservatives are right. Crime is out of control in this country and it's time somebody started getting tough on it. I think enforcement is the key, at least in the short term, and then perhaps some civic education for those who are likely to be working in areas where these crimes could happen in the future.

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