Monday, July 28, 2008

Wondering About Waiting Times?

Do you ever wonder why we have long waiting times in our hospitals?
Do you ever wait in the E.R. for four hours?
Do you have trouble getting a G.P.?
Is one of your children in a class of more than 30?
Did you or someone you know pay eight thousand a year or more for post-secondary education?

Why, in a nation of plenty, with the people determined to have good health care and good public education, do we have problems like these?

KPMG has the answer: Canada has the third lowest business taxes.

Third lowest. Lower than the United States. According to KPMG, we should push them even lower. Because the standard of living doesn't matter. Quality of education and health care don't matter. Nah. The free market and capitalism will float those boats, right?

No, the important thing is to have the lowest taxes. That is the greatest goal any nation can ever achieve. Oh, yes, the "Canadians are overtaxed" people are a bunch of kooks. They've been telling us for years, even decades that we're overtaxed and that we're a bunch of saps for going along with it. They never concerned themselves with the fact that we care more about services than tax rates. That's not their agenda.

These people, these economists, are wealthy - wealthy well beyond the means of ordinary Canadians. Their goal is to convince you that massive tax breaks for themselves (corporate taxes, stock option taxes and capital gains taxes) are somehow good for you as well. They get millions, you get a dollar and a half.

It's time to wake up and start calling them the liars and frauds they are.

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1 comment:

TnT said...

Very well said. I've been talking about this delusion of tax cuts for some time, and Harper's governments' obsession with tax cuts as the solution to all our life's problems.

Somewhere in the middle, is sanity. Proper funding of services and the means to do so.