Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh, yes, please call the election now.

Are you still threatening us with an election, Mr. Harper?

Are you still thinking you can pick up seats? Are you so engrossed in American politics and the American media that you think calling your opponent a "leftist" is going to send the Canadian public running scared?

Oh, no, policies just like Trudeau? Oh, how everyone hated him!

I hate to tell you, but the ephemeral intangibilities of "Trudeau-style economic policies" aren't nearly as frightening as a government that privatized meat inspection and lobbied against the very inspections that would likely have prevented the deaths of 15 Canadians:
Specifically, Canada opposed daily inspection visits and the testing of finished products for Listeria monocytogenes.

And while this is happening, your Health Minister is in Denver. Denver? Was he hoping to track down the listeria a mile above sea level or just hiding as far away as he could from the scandal?

So, yes, Mr. Harper. Drop the Writ. Call your election. If you think stealing a quarter of a million dollars made Canadians angry at the Liberals, wait'll you see how angry we are when people are dying for your philosophy of privatization.

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1 comment:

TnT said...

Well put.

I guess it'll be a question now of how effective Dion and the rest will be in not getting run around in circles over green shift by the conservatives.