Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin's Inexperience

I don't care.

I really, really don't care.

Yes, I think they picked her because she was a woman with all kinds of weird skeletons in her closet. The plan was to pander to the religious right while simultaneously making her look like the embattled woman to draw in the bitter Hillary fans.

But I really don't give a flying fornication about her inexperience.

Politicians don't necessarily need loads of experience. That's what ministers and secretaries are for. Sure, it's nice if you have some clue how things work and whether you're a governor or a senator, you've got that clue. It'd be nice if you had an idea about the geopolitical ramifications of the war in Iraq rather than telling people than god wants you to win the war.


What matters is her politics. And her politics are just wrong.

She's in favour of teaching creationism. That makes her not just ignorant but contagiously ignorant.

She's in favour of abstinence only sex education. You don't need to mention any part of her personal life to know that abstinence only sex education does nothing but spread STDs and increase teen pregnancies.

She thinks the war in Iraq is a religious mission.

She's apparently opposed to abortions even in the cases of rape, incest, danger to the mother and hopeless cases.

The list of her actual opinions on issues from censorship to religion to foreign policy are bad enough.

I don't really care about her "inexperience". It looks like her experience is a hundred times worse. The things she would do intentionally would do far more damage than anything she might do by accident.

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