Wednesday, October 15, 2008

G&M Historical Revisionism

You see a lot of this sort of thing in the U.S. in relation to the Iraq war.

"We went in because of WMD"
"We went in because Al Qaeda was in Iraq"
"We went in because Saddam helped with 9/11"
... um ...
"We went in because he's a madman"
"We went in to bring democracy to the region"
etc. etc.

You don't see it as often in Canada, but here it is.
Mr. Harper had called the election on Sept. 7, appealing for a stronger mandate to manage the economy in uncertain times.


No. He wanted a new mandate because he wanted a majority. His excuse at the time was that Parliament was "dysfunctional", a situation his party had intentionally created by stalking out of meetings, yelling at people, ignoring committees and generally being belligerent.

In fact, Stephen Harper, until about a week ago, thought that the economy was doing just fine. There was certainly no need, in his opinion, to call an election so he could deal with it.

But no, we've changed the tune now. Harper called the election, just over a month ago, because of the economy.

Wow! What foresight!

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1 comment:

Beijing York said...

I can't believe that the media isn't calling Harper and Clement on their blatant lies. And more importantly, I hope the public isn't buying it. We haven't become a Fox News brainwashed nation... yet.