Monday, October 20, 2008

President Jesus

She just can't vote for a President who will be named President Oo-bama.

Fortunately, he doesn't pronounce it that way, so maybe there's a loophole.

But seriously, can you believe that? I think we should all just be happy that enough Americans are smart enough not to fall for this. Maybe education in the U.S. can improve enough (under an Obama presidency) to reduce the number of people who credulously fall in to this kind of religious/political dogmatic trap.

I've always thought that religion was dangerous this way: it teaches people to accept things without thinking about them.

I wonder if we could propose a resolution to this crisis for her.

Is it true that the President of the United States in chosen by God? I'm sure I've heard enough religious nutbars say so.

If Obama does manage to get elected, are you willing to admit that God must have chosen him? Wouldn't he then have God's approval?

Nah. They'd probably just think God was punishing America with (take your pick) the socialist, fascist, surrendering Liberal, dictator, Muslim, anti-christ because of America's (take your pick) abortions, gayness, Sunday shopping, pornography, clothing made of mixed fibers.

Best of luck, my American friends.

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