Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Investment Lesson From Mr. Harper

Okay, Mr. Harper, we've all been inundated with your economic credentials.
"... an accountant at Imperial Oil"

"He took up post-secondary studies again at the University of Calgary, where he completed a Bachelor's degree in economics."

"He later returned there to earn a Master's degree in economics, completed in 1993."

He is also famous for advising Canadians, while the subprime mortgage crisis was taking down international stock markets, that there were probably some "good deals" out there.

So Mr. Harper, explain this to me. Explain why, during a lull in real estate prices, your Finance Minister is selling off Crown lands.

Fill in the blanks, here: Buy ____, Sell ____.

Unless, of course, you have a separate plan. Perhaps your plan is to sell off these Crown lands for billions of dollars to your corporate friends, then give them billions of dollars in tax breaks so the end result for the Canadian tax payer is simply that we have less stuff.

I know you have a great deal of economic knowledge, so I'm sure you're not selling off Crown property at fire sale prices because you're stupid. But if you're not stupid, the only other real option is that you're defrauding the Canadian public.

h/t to Red Tory.

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Beijing York said...

Harper's intent has always been less government. Doesn't matter what the conditions are, he will sell all crown assets if he gets his way as well as downsize the public service. He's just using the financial crisis as an excuse for these changes.

We should start a list since Flaherty seems to think Canadians don't even know what they own:

Canada Post
Via Rail
National Parks

Mike said...

Perhaps your plan is to sell off these Crown lands for billions of dollars to your corporate friends


Tory fire sale, with Rock bottom prices to the few they let 'bid'

Brad Dillman said...

It's strategy. Hollow out government revenue until he's FORCED to cut social programs. Of course he'd never WANT to (sarcasm) but when times are tough sacrifices must be made (by the people).

Funny thing is, I thought times weren't as tough for Canada. I guess it's all in how he sells it to the public.