Monday, December 15, 2008

But Under Saddam ...

"That shoe-throwing guy should be happy he has that much freedom". That was the line that Fox News spun out for us from the very beginning. If Saddam were in power, we were told, that guy would have his head chopped off. The unstated corollary is that he should be ashamed to be throwing a shoe at the very man who had given him the freedom to throw shoes.

I have no desire to be an apologist for Saddam Hussein. But as far as Iraqis are concerned, the country is way, way worse off since the Americans arrived and bungled their way through conquest and occupation. Over a million dead, millions more living in exile. Roadside bombs and religious violence are a way of life.

But it's okay, you have "freedom". You have the freedom to die of Depleted Uranium poisoning; the freedom to be sodomized with a broomstick; the freedom to be killed by a American soldier or mercenary because you didn't understand his command to stop.

Yeah. You should all be thankful to George Bush. He's your hero, you ingrates.

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Beijing York said...

I noticed that Fox spin on the story and it annoyed me deeply.

What's really sad is that Bush dismissed it as a sign of the new freedoms to protest and yet that journalist remains detained.

Luckily he is embraced as a hero throughout the world so we are all waiting, if not protesting (as in today in Baghdad) for his release without harm.

Anonymous said...
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