Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Harper: Making Us Look Stupid

When can we throw this government out? They're an embarrassment.

It's bad enough when the headline reads "Ottawa blames Hamas for civilian deaths", but read this:
Canada's Conservative government says Hamas is responsible for civilian deaths at a UN school where Israeli mortar fire killed at least 40 Tuesday, arguing they have used civilians to shield fighters.

Yes. The U.N. school where children were hiding out was bombed by Israel and that's all Hamas's fault. That makes total sense, Mr. Prime Minister.

Then we have this from Peter Kent, our junior foreign minister:
“We really don't have complete details yet ... "

Right, but don't let that stop you from spouting off like an idiot.
"...other than the fact that we know that Hamas has made a habit of using civilians and civilian infrastructure as shields for their terrorist activities, and that would seem to be the case again today,” he said in an interview.

Peter Kent knows who the bad guys are. Stephen Harper and George Bush have told him. Therefore, he knows who to blame.

Gaza, according to wikipedia, contains about 1.5 million people. But it's only 360 square kilometers in size. To put this in perspective, imagine standing on a plain. Fifteen to twenty steps to your north is another person. Beyond him, another and another. This pattern repeats to the south, the east and west in a giant grid.

That's how densely populated Gaza is. The people have been penned in, denied food, denied water, denied electricity. Even when Israel supposedly left and stopped occupying Gaza, Israel still controlled all borders and constantly overflew the Gaza Strip day and night, keeping everyone awake with sonic booms.

Penned in, starved and denied the basics of life, the residents of Gaza now have to endure having their schools bombed by their occupiers and all Stephen Harper and his lieutenants can tell us is that it is Hamas's fault for using human shields. Was Hamas launching rockets from inside a U.N. school? How can there not be "human shields" when the people are packed in like that?

And why was Hamas being isolated this way anyway? They won an election fair and square. They were busy forming a government when the world began isolating them, declaring them illegitimate and permitting the blockade of Gaza. Who started that isolation anyway? Oh, right. It was Stephen Harper who made Canada the first country to break off diplomatic relations with Hamas.

Get this idiot out of the P.M.O. He's far too dangerous, far too single-minded and far too arrogant. He's an insult to everything peaceful and noble for which our nation has ever stood.

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