Friday, January 16, 2009

What Atheists Believe In

So the Atheist Bus Campaign is coming to Canada, or at least Toronto, which is a lot like the Centre of the Universe anyway.

Of the many misconceptions that atheists face about immorality, there's always this tendency to demand things of atheists.

The first thing to be demanded is that we prove that god doesn't exist. That's what I like about this campaign. It is clearly labelled the atheist bus campaign, and yet the statement is, "There's probably no god". This accurately describes the atheist position which is that we see no reason to believe in any gods. It's not that we positively declare "There are no gods". It's that we disbelieve the declarations of religious people that there is a god.

Then comes this bit from a minister. Sadly, the writer of the article paraphrased it rather than quoting, but I think the general gist of it is quite common.
The moderator of the United Church of Canada, Right Rev. David Giuliano, said he would rather see atheists say what they believe in, rather than what they are against.

The whole point of atheism is the not-believing, not the believing.

But if you really want to know what atheism means to most of us, I can take a vague guess with which most of us would probably agree.

It means freedom. Freedom from dogma and guilt and everything else religion brings us. But a youtube video already says it better than I could, so here ya go.

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Anonymous said...

The whole point of atheism is the not-believing, not the believing.

Apparently not believing is a form of belief, it’s impossible for them to see things any differently. Any system of thought is a system of faith to these people, they simply can’t see it any other way. Such is the extent of the eager abdication of responsibility that our religious institutions provide and encourage.

Surely the decisions we make in life must be better when they are based on a book of fables rather than taking the chance of trusting our own judgment.

Geekwad said...

I'd rather know why the Rev. believes than what he believe.

Jymn said...

Great post. These beautiful and positive ads need to go up all over Canada, especially out west.