Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Regarding Class Warfare: Eating the Poor

The next time some bunch of rich economist types start complaining that we can't tax rich people because it would "ruin the economy" and "de-incentivize wealth" and that it constitutes "class warfare", show them this.

Homeless woman jailed for being poor.

Her son was arrested and convicted, sentenced to juvenile hall. She was ordered to pay for his detention (?) out of her own pocket. Being unable to do this, she was held in contempt and sent to prison. When she got out, she was then fined for her own jail time.

Basically, we're one step closer to what the wealthy in America really want to do: feed the poor in to meat grinders and serve them with a side of foie gras.

But, oh, don't raise the marginal tax rate on the wealthiest people by 1%, because that would be class warfare.

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