Friday, February 19, 2010

The Most Juvenile of Governments


It's as if our government is run by five-year-olds. I could see a five year old saying something like this. "Mommy. I didn't break the vase. I just told my little brother to break it."

Oh, I get it kiddo. It's not your fault because you didn't physically break the vase yourself. Totally makes sense.

The Harper Government (for so they call themselves) wants the same kind of immunity.
"The plaintiff [Abdelrazik] alleges that the Defendant [the government] requested the Government of Sudan to imprison the plaintiff without legal grounds and shared information with the Government of Sudan to facilitate his continued imprisonment. He does not allege that the defendant directly imprisoned the plaintiff. In the absence of that material fact, there is no cause of action for false imprisonment."

That's right. Apparently the Harper Government can't be charged for the results of things they ask other people to do for them.

What a clever legal precedent. I'm sure various mafia bosses and other gang leaders will be greatly pleased to know that they are not responsible for things they ask other people to do. Another thing? Corporations can dump all the pollution they want in to rivers ... as long as they outsource it.

Brilliant, brilliant, legal precedent.

Grow up, you idiots. I know it's tough, but part of maturity is accepting the consequences of your actions. If you sent the man off to be tortured, you have to own up to it.

Otherwise, we're just going to think you're a bunch of immature cowards.

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