Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meanwhile in Oklahoma: Assholes

They made a law that women undergoing an abortion must have an ultrasound - possibly an invasive vaginal one - before having the abortion. During the procedure, the person doing the ultrasound is required to describe the fetus out loud.

If that doesn't make it clear - if it wasn't already clear - that anti-abortion advocates are a bunch of assholes out to torment and torture pregnant women, I don't know what could possibly make it clear.

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Catelli said...

As horrid as that is, it pales in comparison to the additional law passed:

"The Oklahoma legislature approved a second law that prohibits women from seeking damages if a physician withholds information or provides inaccurate information about a pregnancy"

In effect, they are making it legal for a doctor to withold information about a pregnancy, if they believe providing that information would cause the woman to seek an abortion.

The law permits a doctor to lie to a pregnant woman.

Greg said...


Why stop at "asshole"? You might as well go all they way to tripod mounted, fully automatic, radioactive douchebag.

I have a feeling that they're going to have trouble enforcing this law, what with the right of women to not have things jammed up their vaginas by the government and the obligation of doctors to be honest with their patients.