Monday, October 18, 2010

Erin Larson: Apologies in Advance

I wanted to make this apology in advance, on behalf of the biggest jackasses on my side of the gender divide. But I'm just a tad late.

I wanted to apologize for the sexual slurs that are about to come your way.

I used to think feminism had gone overboard, that some women had taken it too far, that the resultant vector was one of discrimination against men. I was wrong about that. I figured that our over a decade ago.

But I can tell you, young woman, that the jackasses will be out for you. I can't provide much beyond my encouragement and the villification of said jackasses, so I offer that and a piece of advice: spit in the eye of anyone who looks at you sideways.

Shields up. Armour on.

It begins:
"Wonder what she'd say if someone talked about her SEX LIFE.
Matter of fact, who would ever be the male friend of this abomination?"

Yeah. Great.

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CanNurse said...

Greg, Thanks so much for realizing this & for posting it on your blog for Erin. As a woman, & a progressive, I really appreciate it! You're one of the rare ones. Thanks.

R.S. said...

She's quoted as saying "you go to U of M to be the man and you go to U of W to fight the man."

So, she's insulted every single womyn's studies major at our University by effectively calling them sell-outs... and you're tripping over yourself to protect her from the big bad ignorant masses about to tease her about her haircut...

You are why I have to say "I lean left, but..." whenever I engage in political discussions. You're too short-sighted.

Greg said...

Maybe you didn't notice, but I'm not trying to protect her from anything. I don't think she needs my protection.

I have no understanding of the rivalry between what I assume are the universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg. That's really none of my business.

What matters to me is that this young woman clearly stood up, in difficult circumstances, for what she believes. It also happens to be something I believe in. So I will support her against the slurs that will come her way.