Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Earth is Flat

The Earth is flat and I can prove it as follows:

1. The Colonial British and Spanish believed the Earth was spherical. On the basis of this "Spherical-Earth" theory, they sent explorers "around" the world. These explorers were responsible for the subjugation and destruction of any number of Native American cultures. Spherical-Earth Theory is therefore a necessary condition for the cruel treatment and destruction of numerous cultures.

2. People believed for a long period of time that the Earth was flat, much longer than people have believed it is spherical.

3. Ferdinand Magellan said, "The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church." This demonstrates not only the discriminatingly anti-religious tone of S-E theorists but also the absurd ignorance on which Spherical-Earth theory is based. The only thing evidenced by this shadow is that the Earth is circular, not that it is spherical.

4. Countless historians have noted that Hitler and Stalin both used Mercator projection maps to plan their conquests. This enabled them to use "Great Circle" routes for their planes when sending them on bombing runs. Without Spherical-Earth Theory, these Great Circle routes would not exist!

5. If the Earth were spherical, we would have to presuppose some type of force that keeps the people on the other side from falling off. And even if this force existed, television programs from the "other side" should show up upside down on our television sets!

6. S-E theorists tell us they have pictures from "outer space". Never mind the impossibility of this "orbit" thing they talk about (don't get me started on the Theory of Gravity and its use in the manufacture of ballistic missiles!), those surely faked "satellite" pictures show that the Earth is circular, not spherical. They're as bad as Magellan!

7. Do you feel like you're moving? S-E theorists posit that, except for people at the "poles", along the "axis" of the Earth, the rest of are spinning around at speeds of up to 1667 kilometers per hour. I certainly don't feel like I'm moving that fast, do you?

No, these Spherical Earth theorists are a menace to our society. It's time we kicked them out of our schools and taught our children the proper, true and noble belief of the Flat Earth.

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