Friday, May 02, 2008

Letters from Hell

Here's a Letter from Hell.

It's a creepy indoctrination video telling Christian children to indoctrinate their friends in to Christianity to help them avoid the "Lake of Fire". The premise is that one boy failed to indoctrinate his friend and that friend is writing a Letter from Hell about how he's burning in a lake of fire because he didn't believe in Jesus.

I guess it's a special kind of sulfurous lake of fire, one that produces heat that doesn't burn pens, but I digress.

This kind of thing really does work. I've seen it work. At the request of a friend (to see his "play") I went to an indoctrination session once at a Pentecostal church. We were trying not to laugh, but those around us were fully absorbed by the skits involving people accepting/not accepting Jesus and going to heaven/burning in Hell. At least a hundred people, at the end of the "play", went down and "accepted Jesus in their hearts".

Fear has replaced reason. You see, there's no reason to believe any of this. No one has ever reported back from heaven or hell. There has never been a single piece of evidence for any kind of existence after death. The only evidence for any of this at all is a 2000 year old book of questionable moral value and little technical accuracy.

But reason doesn't matter. These people don't want to apply to your logical centre. They want to outflank your thinking faculties and appeal directly to your lower brain. If they can use enough frightening imagery and trigger a primal reaction, they can get you to ignore the fact that they're talking nonsense.

Like I said, it really does work. I've seen adults and teenagers running down the stairs to the front of the church and crying as they accept Jesus.

The video, after a description of eternal burning punishment for the crime of not having been told about Jesus by your friend, encourages the viewer to put aside all other parts of his life and evangelize. The viewer should be converting his coworkers from their religions (good idea!) and converting little children too (they have weaker reasoning faculties and can be more easily frightened).

I'm sorry, god-bots, but I won't be accepting your saviour today. I've overcome that fear and I use some of my time every day to improve the world by spreading reason and logic with the goal of improving the one thing we all agree is real - the world we live in.

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