Saturday, May 10, 2008

Global Warming Doesn't Matter

Yes, I know that the vast majority of scientists studying global warming have repeatedly told us that the current global warming we are experiencing is caused by human industry. I know that the evidence is in that this increase in temperature could have serious, if not catastrophic, consequences for human life on this planet.

I also know that there are a number of people calling themselves "climate change skeptics", people who spend a lot of time arguing against human-caused global warming using the same techniques that creationists use. I distrust them mainly on the basis of their dishonesty.

I'm just saying that it doesn't matter.

Do you know what the solution is to stopping humanity's contribution to global warming?

We have to stop burning fossil fuels. There are a few other tricks we can do but the biggest contributor, by far, is the burning of oil-based products.

Let's see if we can find any other reasons to stop using fossil fuels:

1. Burning oil and gasoline pollutes the environment.
2. Purchasing oil supports dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and a number of other places.
3. Purchasing oil supports the Bush administration's financial backers.
4. We've killed enough human beings over oil already.
5. Extracting oil from the tar sands in Alberta is going to be extremely destructive to the environment.

So seriously now, let's think about it.

Do we really need another reason to stop burning oil?

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