Thursday, May 08, 2008

I don't care about Bernier's girlfriend

It pains me to say this but here goes: "Stephen Harper is right and everyone else is wrong".

It should be understood that this pertains only to the PM's statement that Maxime Bernier's private life is his private life. I don't care about the Foreign Affairs Minister's ex-girlfriend. Unless it turns out she's a known KGB agent or the daughter of an oil executive who suddenly received no-bid contracts, it's none of our business.

It turns out that, before she dated Bernier, she was married to some biker gang guy. So what? Is Bernier involved in getting the RCMP to avoid arresting Hell's Angels members? No. He's in Foreign Affairs.

Yep. Harper's absolutely right when he says this is busybody gossiping on the part of the opposition.

You want to nail the Conservative government on something? Nail them on this stupid, pointless war we're having in Afghanistan. Nail on the quiet little meetings their having on "North American Energy Security". Nail them on their poor fiscal planning.

But nailing them on somebody's girlfriend.

That's beyond stupid and a waste of our time.

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