Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Again with the Torture?

Are we still doing this stuff?

I became disillusioned with our string of governments a long time ago - sometime between the invasion of Haiti and the discovery that exactly one Canadian remains on duty in Cyprus - but this is getting exceedingly stupid.

We're not doing anything to set Omar Khadr free from his detention in Gitmo, even though he was a 15-year-old brainwashed child soldier.

We let Maher Arar get beaten in Syria.

And now are coming out the allegations that another Canadian man, Abousfian Abdelrazik, holding dual citizenship in Sudan, was ferreted out by Canadian authorities and captured and tortured in Sudan. The allegations even include that agents of the Canadian government were in Sudan, questioning him, knowing that he was being tortured.

Is this what has become of my country?

I'm embarrassed.

When can we change the government again? And to whom should we hand the reins?

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