Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who is fit to run my country?

I've never been fond of the Conservative party. If "Conservative" meant preserving our institutions and balancing our finances, I might find common ground with them. But Ernie Eves and Mike Harris never once balanced a budget and meanwhile attempted to destroy one the great democratizers in our country: public education.

The Liberals ought to be a reasonable bunch. They match progressive social ideas against the creationist, anti-gay agenda of the Conservatives. Unfortunately, they've got a bunch of pro-Iraq war ministers. They were the ones who took us in to Afghanistan and if this map is correct, most of our Canadian soldiers are coincidentally dying where the T.A.P.I. pipeline is going.

So I don't trust either the Liberals or the Conservatives. Both are mired in the pro-war, anti-peacekeeping, big business rules model of governing.

Neither do I like Jack Layton. As much as the NDP are speaking about Afghanistan, they aren't willing to speak the truth about the misuse of soldiers there or in Haiti. If you're not going to stand for the principles of peace and non-aggression, why should I trust you? While they are certainly the least of three evils, they don't seem to have the courage of their convictions.

In the meantime, we're just barely starting to work on getting Omar Khadr out of that hellhole at Gitmo. Abdelrazik is still stuck in the Canadian Embassy in the Sudan because we won't let him sign the affidavit that's just down the hall from him. And while we did eventually get Maher Arar returned to us, he was still tortured incessantly, and apparently with a wink and a nod from our government.

None of these parties or leaders deserve our trust. None of them stand up for the things in which we believe. None of deserve to be running our country.

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Anonymous said...

my wife asked me before the last election who was I supporting. I said the one that least offended me. Which at that time was Mr Harper. Now the three sidekicks are trying to get something they could not get by an election. The day I saw Mr Layton elected as NDP leader I said that was the downfall of the party and if he ever had power it would be the downfall of the country. And now he has joined up with two more that are worse than he is. And they want the people of the country to get behind them, if that happens the people of this country are note deserving of a vote.....which if you think of it they are not getting if the three stooges get there way. Anyone in there right mind cannot believe they are doing this for the country or for the people but just what they could not get through an election.