Friday, July 18, 2008

Conservatives predictable on Crime Stats

Sometimes you don't even have to construct a straw man. Your opponents just naturally make themselves in to one. The "God Hates Fags" people probably top that list, but our local Conservatives also hit the mark the odd time.

Stats Canada released the latest crime rates. Sure enough, there's less and less chance of being a crime victim every year for the last couple decades. No cause for alarm. Things are going well, right?

Of course not. As predictable as can be, the Conservatives - being short on real platform ideas - will go right on telling us about the horrible crime waves going on right now! Of course they're going to find every story they can and say, "Look! Scary Crime! Ignore those statistics!"

Look, here's a crime. Let's pretend per capita doesn't matter. Oh, look, two more crimes!

The crime rate is down. That means there's less chance of you involuntarily being involved in a crime. That's a good thing. Stop trying to frighten people with anecdotal evidence. It's really juvenile.

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Beijing York said...

Harper will continue to ignore the facts and his party will "harp" on the sensational individual cases in the following areas:

1) Youth Crime (Harper even brought it up when speaking to the converted when last in Calgary);

2) Gang Crime (another swipe at multiculturalism - foreign youth are criminal and should be deported or incarcerated in their view); and

3) Crime against the Pre-born (Bill C-484 is the most prayed for piece of legislation by the National Prayer Breakfast on the Hill).

JimBobby said...

Whooee! The SCLM (So Called Liberal Media) helps the Lawn Order party by sensationalizing crime stories while minmizing stats that might lead readers to ask why the SCLM is always hyping crime stories on the front page.


Greg said...

I was thinking that there are some crime rates that have gone up, things like:

"Number of Canadian juveniles detained and tortured by foreign governments"


"Detained foreigners turned over to be tortured by local governments"

That sort of thing is on a serious uptick the last few years. It's probably time to starting cracking down and getting tough on crime.

LeDaro said...

One of the best comment I have read. Yes, criminals like Bush and his accomplice Harper must be punished. May be life at GITMO.

Mike said...

Hey, trying to scare people into supporting them is all they got. You know, once reality rears its ugly head.

Nice Blog btw.


Greg said...

Thanks mike.

I'm looking for a place to anonymously store pictures so I can make a couple of graphs relating to the increase in certain types of crimes. Then maybe I'll make a post about that.

Beijing York said...

I suggest you add a category for police violence to your graph, Greg. Another man died this morning after being shot by Taser by the Winnipeg Police.

Greg said...

The Tasers were easy enough to find. Don't know about the rest. If you think of any more, let me know.