Thursday, July 03, 2008

If you don't want to be compared to Hitler ...

It's difficult to know, in an Internet debate, when it's okay to pull out the Hitler card. As a general rule, I like to say, "Never, ever, ever". It's usually childish, impetuous and a sign that you have no real arguments to go by.

But then I read that the Italian government has decided to fingerprint gypsies on the grounds that they are responsible for so much of the crime wave in Italy.

I don't think I'm really pulling out the Hitler card if the Italian government is pulling it out themselves. I mean, seriously now, they're going to fingerprint, round up and deport people from a certain ethnic group while blaming that ethnic group for the country's economic problems. Of course, first they're going to ask to see papers. This very ethnic group is even one of the groups that the Nazis went after.

Do these people even read history? How stupid are they?

Will they be rounding up the gypsies for deportation on trains? Will they get to wear any symbol of any kind to indicate which gypsies can stay and which must go? Will there be any fenced-in areas to contain the deportable gypsies while they wait for the trains?

All the while, they'll be ignoring the actual crime problems in their country because the Prime Minister of the country owns almost all of the print media. (Think about it, who does more crime in Italy? Gypsies or the mafia?)

The word I'm searching for is, "Creepy".

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bruce said...

I read about this a while back and thought that Italy of all places after WWII would know better. It really makes you wonder when history isn’t learned in the places it happened.