Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Morgentaler and the Hypocrites

Why is it that the right wing people can get away with being so hypocritical on the matter of abortion?

In every other matter, the state is apparently not allowed to interfere in your actions in any way. If the government makes you belt your kids in, wear a motorcycle helmet, pay extra taxes on cigarettes, then it's immorally imposing on you. If they illegalize trans fats, it's a sign of communism. If they require an employer to stop discriminating against people who look different, it's evil secularism.

But, oh, wait! If it's a woman who wants control of her own body - if it's a woman who wants to decide whether to continue a pregnancy that was started involuntarily - then we need to lock up her uterus. Then we need to call the thing in her womb a person, give it rights and protect it with all of our energy.

Yes, people have the right to do whatever they want ... except for pregnant women.

And if a man receives the Order of Canada for protecting a woman's right to control her own body, he should be vilified. In fact, the award and the entire nation are shamed by his receipt of the award. Other people are just in denial.

You'd think Morgentaler would be a hero to the right, with all the "personal freedoms" and libertarianism they support. But no. We know that they're hypocrites. We know that personal freedoms and libertarianism are just codewords for lowering their taxes and cutting social services for the poor. These people don't care about your freedom. They just care about keeping more for themselves and too bad for everyone else.

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Paladiea said...

I think we should hook up anti-abortionists to diabetes patients against their will. What they don't want to be used as free dialysis machines?! I guess it's only wrong when their bodily autonomy is violated.

Greg said...

But we should only hook them up to diabetes patients if they enter a hospital or engage in illegal stock market trading. That way we can have this conversation:

"Hey, it was your idea to enter the hospital."
"But I only went to the hospital to visit a sick friend."
"Excuses, excuses. You knew what could happen, you deal with the consequences. You think we should kill this whole other human being just for your convenience?"

Saskboy said...

Mandatory organ donation for anyone who things abortion is a crime?

Paladiea said...

LOL Greg! That's priceless. I also agree with Saskboy. Maybe combine the two!

After a lifetime of being a dialysis machine, they're forced to donate their kidneys.

Greg said...

Sadly, back in the real world, the only thing we can do is point out the twin hypocrisies:
a) No gov't interference in our lives (except pregnant women)
b) Women must have babies (but they better not go on welfare!)

Paladiea said...

You forgot the part about the theocratic democracy. Must have babeez! JEEEBUS told us to!