Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Left Wing Needs to Grow a Pair


I'm getting tired of this sort of nonsense. The Conservatives are now blaming the Liberals for the Listeria outbreak. That's right. They claim that deficiencies were known a year before the Conservatives came in to power, therefore it's the Liberals fault.

The Conservative leader insisted his government has already taken action by modernizing the inspection system

Give me a break. Why do the Liberals sit on this? The Conservatives, following their "government sucks at everything" philosophy, privatized food inspection.

And then 16 people fricking died.

Where are the Liberals? Where are the NDP? Where is anybody beating the Conservatives over the head with the fact that their philosophy kills people?

The Conservatives don't hesitate. They don't question for a moment whether or not they should lie, deceive, prevaricate and defecate on the Liberals. Anything for a moment of a surge in the polls.

And I realize what the problem is. The people leading the progressive and liberal political groups have no balls (or "Thatchers" for that matter).

Look at the U.S. presidential campaigns. Why isn't Barack Obama hitting McCain over the head with the fact that he's lying through his teeth and he can't remember how many houses he has? Wouldn't that spell "out of touch" even to the lower class base of the Republican party?

Look at Ontario when Mike Harris was using tax dollars to advertise insults on television agaisnt his own employees (teachers). What did the teacher's union do? Did they tear up his absolute lies about how much extra work he was making them do without pay? Did they tear in to his lies averaging private school funding in to the "cost of education"?

No. They produced terrible, stupid commercials where teachers appeared in front of the camera and were asked, "Did you know Mike Harris was once a teacher?". And the teachers would say, "No, I can't believe it."

Cowardice. Absolute, rank cowardice.

I want leaders on the left that show some spine. Somebody find me one and get these lying, warring, corporate-welfare Conservatives out of my damned government.

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Deb Prothero said...

19 dead now and all due to Conservative de-regulation.

Socially Active said...

We need strategic voting.

We must minimize Harper's power. Harper does not understand that government's purpose is to balance individual and social cost. Harper believes the purpose of government is to obtain power or his financial backers.

We must not give Harper the power to take away the Independence of our court and change our election laws.

Vote strategically, if you are in a riding which looks like the Liberals could win, vote that Liberal. If you are in a riding that looks like the NDP could win vote NDP.

Gazetteer said...

Excellent post DTK.

I would only go one further and state, unequivocally, that it is not just their philosophy, but rather their policy that kills.

Specifically a policy instituted in November of 2007.

Again, November of 2007.

(I'll have more to say on this soon).