Monday, September 22, 2008

Why is Gordon O'Connor Running?

Former Minister of Defence Gordon O'Connor is running for reelection in my riding.


He resigned in disgrace for lying to Parliament and for permitting the turnover of prisoners, taken by Canadian soldiers, to Afghanistan authorities who were known to practice torture.

He lied when he told us that the Red Cross would warn us if torture were taking place.

He covered up the torture.

He continued to allow the turnovers to happen when it was known that the prisoners were being tortured.

He was a Defence Industry lobbyist who became the Minister of Defence.

Why is he running? What's the disconnect here?

Is he unfamiliar with the term "resign in disgrace"?

And he'll probably get reelected because the Conservatives are riding high and because the people in my riding want their taxes cut.

It's just plain insulting to be represented by someone like this.

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Beijing York said...

That really is sad. Are the voters in your riding that self-absorbed?

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation.. remember, you could have been represented by Rob Anders.

Mike said...

Indeed, Gordo at least voted against C-484.

On the upside, you could be in my riding - Nepean Carleton - and be represented by that smarmy bastard Pierre Poilievre.

That jackass is likely to be re-elected too.