Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dion on the "Socialist Approach"

So Dion has given up on winning the election and now just wants to make sure he stays opposition leader. He has a few words for Jack Layton and NDP supporters.
Mr. Dion said the NDP leader is a far cry from leaders like Tony Blair who moved their socialist parties to the moderate middle.

Right. Let's compare actual socialism to Tony Blair's "third way", which is generally described as, "exactly the same as the first way, but dressed up to look like the second."

I don't want Tony Blair's Iraq-war-supporting socialism in my country, thanks.

Dion warns us of "the old socialist approach with Layton" and Dion should know. After all, Bob Rae is now a member of the Liberal Party - a position I can only assume they offered him for intentionally destroying socialism in Ontario through his ridiculous policies that caricatured more than represented anything any real person believes about socialism.

Sorry Mr. Dion. You should be attacking the Conservatives, not the NDP. The fact that you're wasting time attacking the NDP simply shows that you're more concerned about job security than principles.

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1 comment:

Beijing York said...

Some days it feels like Dion and Layton's strategists were vetted by Tom Flanagan.