Thursday, October 09, 2008

These People are Nuts

With a hat tip to the Democratic Underground for leading me to this stuff from here.

There is something really, really frightening about these people.

Has anyone really begun to understand why people's brake lines are being cut in Toronto? What possesses someone to do that over an electoral preference? What sort of insanity is this?

There's something wrong with the right wing, conservative methodology of invigorating its followers. There's something wrong with their motivational techniques. They're pushing people to absolutely insane levels.

Look at the comments on this blog post regarding the "worst" consequences of an Obama presidency.

"a repeat of Nazi Germany"
"death of free speech"
"Obama surrendering the USA to Vladimir Putin"
"Having to wear a brown shirt"
"installment of Sharia Law"

And, oooh, let's call him "Hussein".

Just take a moment to read some of those comments. We're talking about frothing-at-the-mouth angry lunacy here. I know even intelligent people can spell poorly when under duress, but I'm guessing these aren't the smartest people either.

Do you want to know why your brake lines are getting cut or your abortion doctors are being shot? It's the irrational hate rhetoric of the right wing, promoting ridiculous notions about the left, that pushes people to this level of insanity. It's not a joke. These people really are completely off the deep end.

I can't imagine how you could even reach them to demonstrate that they're simply wrong about so many of the things they're saying.

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