Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fracturing Conservatives

I've always had the vague feeling that the Democrats in the United States were a little more mentally and emotionally stable than the Republicans. Yes, the Republicans have the evangelicals, who are noteworthy for nothing if not for their absolute craziness. But on top of that, the party just seems more vicious. You don't see the Democrats devouring their own losers nearly as nastily as you see the Republicans doing it.

It goes to the heart of the same problem I see with the lack of realism in the Republican party. Sarah Palin was praying for a win, praying to wake up in the morning as "Vice-president elect" even when that was obviously outright impossible.

Crazy and vicious. Is it any wonder, after eight years of rulership by these people, that the country is bankrupt, hated by most of the world and in the middle of two confused, wasteful wars?

These people just aren't balanced. I'm glad the American population got rid of them, even if only just barely.

Now we can perhaps watch the Republican party fracture in to fiscally conservative and bat-shit insane evangelical factions, ushering in an error of democracy, public healthcare, peace and sanity throughout the world.

Well. We can hope.

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Ian said...

I doubt any fracture will occur unless the democrats do the same (which they won't now) or the dems introduce electoral reforms (like low spending caps that make third parties viable) (which they won't).

I doubt we'll see any change between the same-old Dem-GOP rivalry for a long time in US politics. They both would rather have (roughly) a 50% chance of power than have to split it multiple ways (democratically) like we (kind of) have in Canada.

Greg said...

It's true that I can't see the Dems encouraging the existence of third parties. There's way more room to the left of the Dems that there is to the right of the Republicans.

As for fracturing, I really can't say. The evangelical bunch are getting tired of voting Republican. They gave the Bushies almost 8 straight years of government and yet abortion is legal and gay marriage isn't illegal.