Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Liberals more Realistic

I speak to you not of the Liberal Party of Canada, but of liberals people in general.

When the Liberal Party was losing the last election, most of us on the left were pretty realistic. Our best hope at the beginning of the election was to run some sort of ABC campaign to somehow forge a left coalition. As the days wore on and it was obvious that Dion wasn't picking up votes, we understood that a Conservative minority was coming and the best we could do was prevent a majority.

It doesn't seem to work that way for Conservatives.

Look at this guy. Even though there's a monstrous number of polls showing Obama leading by insurmountable margins, a single Zogby poll is enough to sway him.

The other guy wants to pray for a McCain win.

I can't imagine what they're saying over at Free Republic. But they're always crazy there, so maybe it doesn't count.

My point is simply that, despite our apparently airy-faery, touchie-feelie crazy pinko communist way, we seem to be a lot more in touch with reality than our opponents.

That's got to work out for us, somehow, in the long run.

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TnT said...

'this guy' who is praying for McCain to win.

Yeah. Flaggman. I dared take issue with his assertion that the us has the finest health care in the world, and he deleted my comment. Twice.

What is it with those nutty right wing people and their incessant need to control dialog?

It did occur to me though, that it is people like him that helps prevent Harper from really convincing Canadians he's a moderate. I think Flaggman actually believes such extreme right views will be embraced by enough Canadians.

I was quite entertained by his distinction between 'socialism', and 'socialistic programs.


Greg said...

I think it would be great if those people who are so inclined would stop voting and start praying for electoral victory.

Yes, let us hope to always have opponents like this. They pray for us and we'll think for them.

Sounds like a deal.

Anonymous said...

I assume all the Repubs are "God" fearing and will pray for a McCain victory.

If he loses, does that mean that:

1. God doesn't like McCain
2. God doesn't care who wins
3. There is no God?

Honestly these people are scary and hilarious at the same time. Kind of like reality TV participants praying to God to win a game show.

Ian said...

I just have a few points I want to make:
1. Although I'm "liberal" of mind, I do not see the Liberal Party as supporting my views - they are too centrist to centre right (in Canadian politics, not messed up everything is right wing US politics). So I would never advocate for "unite the left" as it removes choices (if anything the right needs to fracture again so the fiscal conservatives can stop putting up with the religious conservatives).
2. Someone told a supporter of the local NDP candidate that she would win since the election was a full moon and that meant feminist spirits or something would rise up and help Linda Duncan win. My point is more that nuts can be found on either side of a debate. It seems there are more nuts on the religious right, but that doesn't make liberals immune from stupidity (look at the natural health industry).

Greg said...

The Liberals took us in to Afghanistan, somewhat dishonestly to boot, so I quite agree with you.

And yeah, there are wackos, New Agey and Old School in every party. The Conservatives just happen to house the majority of the truly dangerous and pushy ones.

While I would support a coalition of NDP and Liberals, I wouldn't support a single, united "left" party. That would just place us in the American trap where the Liberals would only have to be slightly left of the Conservatives in order to hold us hostage. No. Instead we hold them hostage by voting NDP until they bend our way.

Anonymous said...


No disagreement. Stupidity does not respect political boundries.