Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bank Fees Look Like Thievery

I mean, seriously.

TD wants to charge you $35 when you're not using your line of credit. They call it an "inactivity fee". This can't be anything other than thievery.

Think about it.

You have a credit account set aside for emergencies. You haven't used it in years because things have been going pretty well. You get occasional bank statements telling you that it's at zero balance, right where it should be. You grow complacent in examining those statements, all of them being the same after all. One day, one of those statements has a $35 fee on it, probably being debited from your chequing account very quietly. You don't notice because the account still has a zero balance and the fee is off on a part of the page you don't read anymore.

If you had a choice in this scam and if you were warned you would undoubtedly close the account. But they're going to do it on the sly. They always do it on the sly. I've had it done to me on my investing account with another bank. Now TD will do it on a credit line.

Secret fees to feed the bottom line.


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