Friday, March 05, 2010

Blaming The Troops Again

I guess the Prime Minister is hoping that we've forgotten all of his earlier evasions and excuses.
“He shut it down to avoid legitimate questions about the Afghan detainee scandal,” Mr. Ignatieff charged as he asked that the Prime Minister release non-redacted documents the opposition says are essential to the story.

No. The Prime Minister said thousands of documents have already been released and show the Canadian Forces have conducted themselves honourably.

There he goes again. Second verse, same as the first. Stephen Harper wants to shuffle the blame off his own shoulders on to those of the soldiers who were the unwitting recipients of illegal orders.

Every time we go through this, he and his ministers keep acting as if the question is a matter of the behaviour of the soldiers. It's not. It's about the behaviour of the goverment - Harper's government - in giving orders to the soldiers.

It was the government that told the soldiers that the Afghan authorities were moral.

It was the government that told the soldiers to hand over prisoners to the Afghan authorities.

It is the government that should be punished.

Stop blaming the troops, Mr. Harper.

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