Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Freedom vs Money

The Canadian people, via a majority vote of their Parliament, demanded that the government release all data on the torture of Afghan detainees.

The government, in clear violation of our democracy, ignored this demand. It ignored the will of the people.

That's not a democracy. That's a dictatorship.

On the rare occasions where the Canadian people actually get a government to vote the way they want it to vote, how is it that the guy at the top can simply refuse to comply? How is it that he can then go and shut down the government to avoid more questions?

That's a dictatorship.

But Liberal MP Derek Lee wants to draw a line. He's raising what's called a "point of privilege"; a declaration that a government minister has violated the will of the people and is in contempt of Parliament.

They in fact are in contempt.

But he says that he doesn't want this point of privilege to get in the way of the budget, even though it should if parliamentary procedure is followed.

Mr. Lee., let's break this down. The Harper government doesn't want to deal with parliament. It wants to ignore it. It wants to be free to send people to other countries to have them tortured. It wants to send Afghans off to be tortured. It wants to strand torture victims and child soldiers in other countries. It wants to do a lot of illegal and immoral things.

Mostly it wants to ignore Parliament to get its agenda pushed through. If all those confidence attachments to trivial legislation didn't clue you in, I don't know what will.

The point here is that there is no point continuing with this Parliament if the Harper government continues to treat it with such contempt. There's no use presenting a budget, a throne speech or any other piece of legislation if Harper and his cronies are simply going to ignore the actual legislation and do whatever they please anyway.

The budget isn't that important.

Our freedom is.

Run your point of privilege.

Run it over everything else and get our nation back.

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