Saturday, May 31, 2008

Argue Like Right Wingers

I think it's time to consider whether or not we on the progressive, left wing of politics ought to start arguing with right wingers the way they argue with us.

You might be thinking: don't we all argue the same way, using facts, logic, reason and persuasive rhetoric?

No, actually we don't. You don't have to look too far to find that the debating tactics of the left usually rely on reasonable argument based on concern for fellow human beings, both within one's nation and outside of it and tolerance of different ideas. Yes, there's name calling on both sides, but the right wing has a different set of tactics. I can demonstrate this by arguing the left wing point of view in the manner of right wing argumentation.

I will begin now:

Why do you conservatives hate Canada?

Your knee-jerk anti-Canadianism disgusts me. Every time anything happens anywhere in the world, all that you people can do is blame Canada first. You blame the health care system that the majority of Canadians support. You blame our attitude of collective responsibilty for one another. You blame our desire for peaceful resolutions to all of the international conflicts in the world. Why do you hate the peace, health and cooperation that Canadians love? Why do you hate Canada?

Why do you hate our troops so much?

The majority of Canadians want our troops to be used to support international peace and defend our nation. But you right wingers want them out there fighting aggressive wars in other countries. You want our troops to be in danger. Therefore, you must hate the troops. Why do you hate them so much?

(Please note: this is really easy. I had no idea until I tried how little brainpower it takes to "argue" like this.)

You right wingers are so unpatriotic.

You don't support any of the ideals that have made our country great: our care for fellow human beings; our desire for peace; our economic security. How can you consider yourselves Canadian and not stand for these Canadian ideals? You're a bunch of Canada haters, is what you are ... a bunch of self-hating Canadians. When are you going to grow up and realize that in the real word, adults use peace and diplomacy as the real answers that lead to real happiness? When will you learn that war-mongering is just a waste of resources and this childish "war is unavoidable" thing you have going on is just ridiculous playground bullying and not supported by history?

(Oops, I may have used a "fact" there. That doesn't belong in this style of rhetoric.)

Also, you act just like Hitler used to. I don't have to back that up. It's enough just to shout "Hitler" at you, or maybe just mention Big Lie Theory and let the implication ride.

Now I want all you knee-jerk anti-Canadian, troop-hating, unpatriotic, Hitler-like right wingers to top those "arguments".

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Anonymous said...

What a lot of crap

Greg said...

The point is that we've all seen right wingers argue like this.

I've never seen left wingers argue like this, have you?