Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Murdering Indians

One of the difficulties with being an atheist is the lack of really good curses. I have to admit that this is one area where the religious people absolutely excel beyond us without question.

The Canadian government, since its inception so long ago, has always led a campaign to take everything they can from the native population. I sometimes wonder if the conservative fears about Muslim immigration stem from the knowledge that, yes, it is possible for immigration to wipe out a culture. After all, we've nearly done it, haven't we?

So the Canadian government, long ago, established Indian Residential Schools - basically hellholes (again, a non-religious reference simply doesn't do) where Indian children had their culture and language literally beaten out of them. And if the beatings didn't work, they were simply beaten until dead. Or starved. Or left out in the snow to die.

Now you'd like to say, "Naw, that didn't happen. It's left wing, liberal, progressive, blame-Canada-first jerks making it all up."

That argument now fails.

An independent tribunal has now identified 28 different locations - all across Canada - where children are buried in mass graves. The natives are protecting these sites so that they are not covered up by the government and the churches who created them.

Mass graves - in Canada.

Non-religious curses utterly fail me at a time like this. This is not the behaviour I expect from my country.

But there's nothing in the press about this dark, depressing chapter of our history - a chapter over a century long that ended only two decades ago. If people knew, would they make a change? Would the people force the government to change its treatment of the native population that it has abused so long?

Do people even care?

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