Monday, May 26, 2008

Bernier Resigns?

This absolutely floors me. Of all the stupid scandals and ridiculous things this Conservative government is doing, it's the biker girlfriend bit that actually causes a resignation.

I wrote a while back that I didn't care about Maxime Bernier's girlfriend and I still don't. The fact that she hung out with biker gangs (what, people can't change?) doesn't alter the fact that he was apparently leaving classifed documents at her place.

Breaking up is hard to do smoothly, though, so it can't always be on the best of terms. If your girlfriend is going on TV to trash you, you know it didn't go well.

Still, this government has worse things going on - like sending Canadian troops in to Iraq, like continuing to turn prisoners over the Afghanistan government, like promoting North American Energy Security over Canadian Energy Security.

And we go after the guy with the biker girlfriend?

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