Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On Feminism and Things I Used to Believe

I remember reading that young people are liberal and progressive and as they get older they get more conservative.

I'm noticing that the opposite is true for me. Sure, my high school had these psycho women who would yell at you for giving a door a polite extra shove open. And sure, my university newspaper would print articles with inflammatory feminist rhetoric that began with "Men, rape is wrong!".

Yes, these and other stupid techniques were actually alienating the men that they needed on their side and so they consigned themselves to an adversarial campaign that they could not win.

But then I watch a video like the one here and I realize that, yeah, the feminists were right to protest their treatment. There is no "reverse discrimination". There is no bias against white men. If Janet Jackson being vilified and fined because someone ripped off her clothes doesn't prove something is wrong, I don't what does.

White men have all the opportunity they could ever want. No one criticizes Stephen Harper for wearing loose t-shirts that don't look masculine enough. No one worries about the area of chest flesh shown off by a man. You never hear about a politician sounding too much like our overbearing or too-distant fathers.

Oh, what I would give to have heard an editorial start with, "Ralph Klein will lose the votes of women this time around after his drunken tirade in a mission shelter. He's simply reminding too many women of their drunken, molesting uncles."

No, I'm not a Hillary Clinton fan. While she and her husband started out with a bold, progressive plan to bring national health care to their country, they wimped out and Clinton is now owned by the private health care industry. But seriously, why did we have all of this ridiculous analysis of her clothing, her aura of "calculation", her "nagging" voice and all of this other nonsense?

Long way to go. Long way to do.

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