Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Truthers Again and Again

You've all heard about the 9/11 "Truth" movement by now. It's very sad that these people have hijacked the word "Truth". There are lots of things that could be learned from a proper investigation of the events of September 11. There are a lot of lies that the Bush Administration has told to cover up their own incompetence.

But if you use the term "truth" in reference to 9/11, you are automatically grouped in with these government conspiracy people.

The official story is believable enough. The heat from the fires, while not enough to melt steel cross-beams, was more than enough to weaken them and cause them to bend. Their mass pulled them away from the walls of the buildings and caused the towers to collapse, pancaking one floor at a time, accelerating due to gravity as they fell.

You don't need to plant explosives to bring down the towers.

I'm not going to argue that George Bush, Dick Cheney and the nefarious powers that wanted an excuse to get their Empire on wouldn't kill 3000 of "their own people" to make profit in power and money. They've killed more than 3000 of "their own people" in Iraq already (never mind hundreds of thousands of Iraqis). The same group of people killed tens of thousands of their own in Vietnam and millions of Vietnamese.

It's not that they wouldn't. It's that they aren't bright enough to pull it off. They're simply too incompetent to keep a secret like this. Do you remember when Bush told his officials that he was tired of anonymous sources leaking information to the press? That scolding was delivered to the press the next day by an anonymous source. Secrets these people do not keep well.

On top of that we have to consider the proposal that bombs were placed in the towers. If, somehow, the Bush administration actually had the skill to place those bombs - and retainers loyal enough to commit such a horrific deed - why bother with the airplanes? Of what possible benefit would that be? Terrorists had already tried to bomb the towers. Why wouldn't they just do that again, but with bigger bombs. The bombs, assuming they had existed, could have been set off without the inconvenience and (more imporantly, to a Bushie) economic damage of messing up the airline industry. It would have had nearly the same terrorizing effect without the airplanes, so why bother with the complexity?

There are two major reasons 9/11 happened. The first is religious fanaticism coupled with abhorrence of the foreign policy of the United States. The abrasiveness of the latter is too complicated to go in to here, but suffice it to say the United States has treated a lot of people very poorly in its quest for oil dominance and cheap labour. Iraq is only the latest example. The religious fundamentalists, this time of the Islamic variety, are taught that dying in service to their god is the greatest deed that they can accomplish. This naive belief, brought on by religious indoctrination, was the chief cause of 9/11.

However, they needed help. I don't mean that the government of the United States helped them intentionally. Far from it. The Bush Administration assisted the jihadis through sheer incompetence. Their policy of simply not-doing-what-Clinton-did led them to ignore all of the warnings of terrorist activity. Their policy of being concerned only with elections and not with governing allowed the terrorist plan to succeed.

The government wasn't "in on it". They just performed very, very poorly.

No conspiracy was needed.

Stupidity, in religious dogma and government incompetence, explains everything just fine.

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Mike said...


As Bill Maher put it:

"How do I know the government wasn't behind 9-11? Because it worked"