Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Harper and the Nothing

Did you ever read "The Neverending Story"? You could have watched the movie. It was almost 10% as good as the book.

The enemy in the book was "Nothing". It was eating up all of "Fantastica" (or "Fantasia", if you must) with its utter non-being.

Apparently, the same thing has happened to the Conservative campaign. They've already cut taxes and increased military spending so much that they are running in to deficit and had to curtail the purchase of a new arctic icebreaker and new supply ships for the military.

So what is there to campaign on now? They certainly don't want to talk about those abortion bills that they were slipping in to Parliament. The last thing they want is to let on that big social conservative changes are coming when they get a majority. Neither will they discuss how their self-inspection philosophy led to the deaths of 13 people.

So what can they do?

Well, they can make attack ads about Dion not knowing the English term "car pool". Or they could pretend that the green tax shift is actually a tax increase instead of a shift from income tax to pollution tax. They can make all kinds of attack ads.

But apparently the media aren't going for it ... even in the early morning grogginess of a 6a.m. news conference.
... Conservative MPs Jason Kenney and Lawrence Cannon faced a series of tough questions.
The pair made no substantive policy announcements, instead targeting Dion and his platform.

If I may be so bold as to make a prophecy.

We will continue to see no substantive policy announcements with a darkening cloud of listeria scandal coming in over the next few days. The listeria scandal will settle in to a low pressure zone directly over Conservative Campaign Headquarters. Expect continued caterwalling and negativity and other distracting trickery through the next few weeks as their poll numbers drop and Canadians realize how empty the Conservatives truly are.

The long rage forecast includes a foaming at the mouth tirade from John Baird and a degree of bitterness among social conservatives as they realize how they've been used.

(h/t to Steele on the quote)

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