Monday, September 08, 2008

Listeria: the Deregulating Policy of Death

I don't see why anyone should pussyfoot around this issue.

The Conservative policy for food inspections is deregulation and self-inspection. The Conservative policy is to save tax dollars and trust the free market to correct cheaters.

Of course, when cheating kills people and takes 70-90 days to detect, the free market is only going to correct the situation only after a lot of people have died.

So far, 13 people have died because of a deregulated meat inspection regime.

Why should anyone pussyfoot around this issue? This is Conservative philosophy failing us. This is the exact reason that we oppose the Conservative party - because their policies of deregulation are mortally dangerous to actual human beings.

It is not manipulating a tragedy to point out where the blame lies and make sure the same people don't get more opportunities. If we don't stop the Conservatives, especially if they get a majority, you can look for more and more death and destruction of their mindless policy of deregulation, self-policing and privatization. You can look for more people taking profit at the expense of Canadian citizens.

And don't let them wiggle out of it, like that Ottawa Citizen article today that tried to blame the contamination of Canadian made products, sold to Canadians, on globalization.

There is no wiggle room. Call these people on their nonsense and keep them out of government.

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