Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Conservative Defecations

Was the puffin pooping on Dion really a surprise?

Do you have any right to be surprised?

When an organization, from the top down, is dedicated to a certain philosophy, there should be no surprise when that philosophy percolates all the way down to the front lines and back up again. When the Conservative leaders decided to go negative from the beginning of the campaign it became a race, a challenge, to see who could trash Dion the best.

Sure you could make gambling ads. Sure you could show that silly arms-wide-open photograph of Dion over and over again. You could even lie about Dion wanting to cancel the child benefit. The more it was done, the more adulation was heaped on the doers, the further it went.

Eventually, someone makes an ad of a bird defecating on your political opponent. Don't pretend you're surprised. That's exactly what you meant, exactly what you wanted. It just turns out that your black, black heart doesn't look nice in the light of day.

And yet ...

If I were to make an ad about the Conservatives ...

Minister Gordon O'Connor, former Minister of Defence, who gave orders to turn prisoners over to be tortured by others. If that's not taking a giant dump on our national honour, I don't know what is.

How about having a Prime Minister who sends the message to international conferences that tells everyone that we won't really be doing anything about global warming. That's gotta leave skid marks on the Maple Leaf and bars.

And there's always the way Harper scolded McKay for suggesting that we would continue talking diplomatically with the new democratically elected government of Palestine, working to find peace in the region. No, the right answer, Mr. McKay, is to tow the American line before the Americans even towed it. Isolate the democratically elected leaders because we didn't like what the people chose and support the corrupt Fatah party the people had rejected instead.

Yeah. It's a wonder you can see the red or white through the shit these people have spread on our flag.

It's going to take several years to rinse it clean. We had better get started now.

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